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Technická knihovna

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Case Study on IDAX300 and VAX020
The Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) is an Indian state-owned company headquartered in Gurugram (North India) engaged mainly in Trans-mission  of  Power  and  transmits  about  50%  of  the  total  power  generated  in  India  on  its  transmission  network.  The  company  owns  and  operates  about  1,61,790  circuit  kms  of  transmission  lines  at  800/765 kV,  400 kV,  220 kV  &  132 kV EHVAC and +500 kV HVDC levels and 248 sub-stations. Also, it has the transformation capacity of about 396 825 MVA as of 30th November 2019.
Zveřejněno 26 srpna 2020
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TTRU3 Factory ratio testing of power transformer
Transformer equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have a critical need to measure true ratio, as they must confirm proper manufacture of their transformers during construction and final assembly. Improper construction has consequences of higher cost, late delivery, and poor quality. The ability of a ratio instrument to be used for all steps involved makes it a practical valueto OEMs because only one instrument is purchased and used throughout each stage. Only the most reliable and accurate instruments make it to the factory floor. Winding stack under constructionre used: Art Mandigo Winding Service.
Zveřejněno 3 srpna 2020
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DLRO2: long test lead test mode
When measuring very low resistance the four-wire test method has for many years been the standard method. The main advantage being that it simply and easily removes the resistance of the test leads from the measurement. However, what happens when those test leads need to be verylong?
Zveřejněno 27 července 2020
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DLRO2: Nový měřič rozdílu
Introducing the first low resistance ohmmeter to feature a difference meter, a device that turns changes in resistance into a moving pointer and percentage change. When testing multiple similar connections, it makes it easy to spot those small increases in resistance that eventually turn into major faults.
Zveřejněno 27 července 2020
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DLRO2 safety warnings
Safety warnings for DLRO2
Zveřejněno 14 července 2020
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TTRU3 Calibration verification
When performing calibration verification of the TTRU3, the following factors need to be considered to achieve accurate measurements and prevent damage to your calibration fixture or TTRU3.
Zveřejněno 20 února 2020
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UPS noise detection using BITE3 and MPQ1000
Not all product demonstrations go as planned. Unforeseen problems can arise, causing the demonstration to go awry. We can either accept this as a failure or use it to create an opportunity. 
Zveřejněno 5 února 2020
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Průvodce diagnostickým měřením izolace nad 1 kv
Spoleènost Megger vynalezla mìøení izolace pøed zaèátkem 20. století a dále vedla trh s inovacemi a technologickými zlepšeními. Proè jsme tedy vyvinuli 10kV model, když všichni ostatní výrobci konèí na 5 kV? Odpovìdí jsou normy IEEE. Spoleènost Megger vyvinula 10kV zaøízení splòující nová doporuèení pro mìøení daná IEEE. Spoleènost Megger nabízí 10kV mìøièe izolaèního odporu od roku 2001.
Zveřejněno 7 ledna 2020
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TDM45 series
High power test and diagnostics combination for medium voltage cables.
Zveřejněno 28 listopadu 2019
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MeggerBook Cable Brochure
Your complete software solution for managing, analysing and logging measurement data and cable data.
Zveřejněno 24 října 2019
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