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Monitoring částečných výbojů pro včasnou diagnostiku elektrických zařízení
Monitoring částečných výbojů je zásadní pro bezpečný a spolehlivý provoz energetických zařízení, jako jsou transformátory, kabely, zapouzdřené rozvodny, generátory, motory a další elektrická zařízení. Aktivita částečných výbojů v čase může způsobit postupnou erozi izolačního materiálu, kdy náklady na odstranění následných nečekaných poruch mohou být fatální.
Zveřejněno 7 února 2022
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Measuring cable impedance with SVERKER900
This is an easy solution to measure the impedance values for cables, the values are used for calculation of compensation factor in distance protection.The compensation factor is first theoretically calculated and these values can now be compared with the measured values.
Zveřejněno 14 prosince 2020
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Preventive maintenance of rolling stock
The test and maintenance of electrical components on rolling stock is not an easy job to do. Some maintainers dismount some of the parts and bring them to a central location for revision and maintenance. This is a cumbersome and time consuming exercise. In many cases, the electrical parts are replaced only when they break down and are not subject to periodical testing. This of course holds a risk as some parts, e.g. circuit breakers, are crucial for safety reasons.
Zveřejněno 3 listopadu 2020
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TTRU3 Factory ratio testing of power transformer
Transformer equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have a critical need to measure true ratio, as they must confirm proper manufacture of their transformers during construction and final assembly. Improper construction has consequences of higher cost, late delivery, and poor quality. The ability of a ratio instrument to be used for all steps involved makes it a practical valueto OEMs because only one instrument is purchased and used throughout each stage. Only the most reliable and accurate instruments make it to the factory floor. Winding stack under constructionre used: Art Mandigo Winding Service.
Zveřejněno 3 srpna 2020
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DLRO2: long test lead test mode
When measuring very low resistance the four-wire test method has for many years been the standard method. The main advantage being that it simply and easily removes the resistance of the test leads from the measurement. However, what happens when those test leads need to be verylong?
Zveřejněno 27 července 2020
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DLRO2: Nový měřič rozdílu
Introducing the first low resistance ohmmeter to feature a difference meter, a device that turns changes in resistance into a moving pointer and percentage change. When testing multiple similar connections, it makes it easy to spot those small increases in resistance that eventually turn into major faults.
Zveřejněno 27 července 2020
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DLRO2 safety warnings
Safety warnings for DLRO2
Zveřejněno 14 července 2020
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TTRU3 Calibration verification
When performing calibration verification of the TTRU3, the following factors need to be considered to achieve accurate measurements and prevent damage to your calibration fixture or TTRU3.
Zveřejněno 20 února 2020
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UPS noise detection using BITE3 and MPQ1000
Not all product demonstrations go as planned. Unforeseen problems can arise, causing the demonstration to go awry. We can either accept this as a failure or use it to create an opportunity. 
Zveřejněno 5 února 2020
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Power Cable Fault Locating Safety Notice
Zveřejněno 20 září 2019
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