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DC test of vacuum integrity in MV switchgear
Since the 1950’s vacuum has been used as insulation media in switchgears. Even though that technology has proven to be very reliable, over time air will leak into the vacuum chamber and degrade the insulation. Also, a good practice is to measure after transport or accidents. The accepted way to test the vacuum integrity has always been through a voltage withstand test. For field tests DC test is preferred due to the weight andsize of the instruments.
Zveřejněno 19 září 2019
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TTRU3 Phase Shifting Transformer App note
The is capable of performing turns ratio tests on any phase shifting transformer by allow-ing for phase shifts to be entered with respect to the secondary winding. But with all of the differ-ent ways phase shift is expressed, how do you know if the entered phase shift value is correct?
Zveřejněno 22 srpna 2019
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Klešťový tester unikajícího proudu DCM305E
Dokonalá izolace neexistuje, dojde-li u nějakého vodiče ke zvýšení potenciálu nad úroveň uzemnění, bude z tohoto vodiče protékat do uzemnění určitý proud.
Zveřejněno 17 dubna 2019
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